Visual Thinking 101_21 OFSTED’s reading report

Last November OFSTED published their research “Now the whole school is reading: supporting struggling readers in secondary school”.

The introduction states, “Each year, around one-quarter of 11-year-olds do not reach the expected standards in reading at the end of their primary school”.

Very informative, but I am left with questions and no ideas who to address them to, for answers.

  1. The report itemises extra costs, training and resources that secondary schools have had to fund, but there is no mention of why children are transferring from primary with these challenges and the case for better funding in primary.
  2. Did the work include or exclude neurodivergent students who are diagnosed with Dyslexia, ADHD etc? If included, this confirms that Dyslexics can learn to read, which is not generally accepted; if excluded, this is not a representative sample.
  3. Was there any acknowledgement as to whether the students were visual thinkers and if so did the assessments and strategies take this into account.
  4. Do any detailed assessments check to discover whether the student is picturing words in their Word Form Area. This specific reading gap is an essential skill for fluency and accelerating phonics.
  5. Do any of the remedial programmes do anything to reduce a child’s anxiety that has developed over years of failure/bullying etc, such as grounding and breathing techniques?
  6. When reading aloud in a classroom, performance anxiety can make struggling readers much worse than their actual skill level.
  7. The report is an interesting description of reading, but what about spelling and handwriting, which are part of the same challenge?

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