The New Perspectives Books and CDs

This unique set of books and CDs, called New Perspectives, are targeted at those who wish to explore how they can be more the person they want to be, especially in the areas of health and learning difficulties. The objective is to offer everyone, the capability to start their own personal journey around the specific area that they are currently focused on. Would you like the opportunity to have the life you have always wanted and know you are meant to have?

People come to personal development from many walks of life and for thousands of different reasons. They normally have one thing in common – that they really want to change something in their lives that has probably been bugging them for a long time. The possibilities are endless, a few examples might be:

  • overcoming learning difficulties
  • recovering your health after an accident, operation or injury
  • trying to shift a long-standing health problem
  • recovering your energy when running on empty
  • changing your experiences of allergies, food intolerances and even multiple chemical sensitivities
  • the wellwoman CD to improve PMS and menstrual discomfort
  • rehabilitation after serious health events
  • how to reduce the impact of dementia – insights for carers

These books are quite unique, each one focused on very specific issues you may wish to address, but at the same time being part of a consistent set. The idea of having a range of books is that you may be drawn to one particular book, to address a topical question in your life and as this becomes resolved you may become curious to understand more about other aspects of your life, hence sustaining and building your very individual journey of personal growth.

Watch out for new titles, they will all be 1st announced here. They will be available here or from Amazon worldwide, electronic Kindle, Nook and ibook formats and from bookshops.

New Perspectives books and CDs

#7: The Elephants in the Classroom

Uncovering every student’s natural power of mental imagery to enhance learning


Here is the link for the Kindle version of The Elephants in the Classroom.

#4 Bridges to Success

How to Transform Learning Difficulties


#1 Seeing Spells Achieving

Improve your Spelling, reading, memory, dyslexic symptoms…in any language…by using your brain the way nature intended…through NLP and visualisation.


#2 Recover your energy

This book will energise you. We also offer a CD of the exercises and a complete talking book.


#2 Recover Your Energy, talking book

Exactly the same content as the book, but recorded for download from the learning platform.

Free for Long-Covid and ME

#3 You too can ‘do’ health

You will find lots of tips here for improving your health, all written as a story to make easy reading. With the current health crisis I have reduced the price from 13.95


#6 Back from the brink …. twice

This is also available on Kindle from Amazon. Any revenue will be contributed to the ICU function in Watford General Hospital


How to reduce the impact of Dementia – insights for carers

This is an short ebook supplied with a double CD called New Perspectives on Dementia Telesummit


The following resources are available digitally:

Empowering Learning Study Guide Bundle – Improve your literacy and Numeracy PLUS Empowering Pathways to Learning: An Individual Roadmap and Study Guide PLUS The Art of Energy: A roadmap to recover your energy. Latest versions available digitally, filled with extra material and video links.


Empowering Learning Study Guide – improve your literacy and Numeracy
Learning visual skills makes a huge difference to literacy, especially for visual people. This step by step workbook, supplied free with practitioner training programmes and is available for purchase separately. Those who come to coaching will need to order one to practice and maximise the benefit. Latest version available digitally here.


Empowering Pathways to Learning: An Individual Roadmap and Study Guide
Designed for teachers, support staff and parents to coach students, especially neurodivergent students of any age to develop their skills, overcome their challenges and excel in their strengths. It integrates many on-line Empowering Learning Youtube videos to summarise the latest thinking from various Empowering Learning programmes/masterclasses, material from New Perspectives books, building on the content in Jumpstarting™ Literacy and Numeracy Programme. Latest version available digitally here.


The Art of Energy A Roapmap to receover your energy. Ever felt exhausted and lacking in energy; this is for you. The idea of this guide is to give you some processes that you can do in minutes and seconds without anyone else knowing. It is best to read the processes a few times to focus internally when running the processes. Alternatively, you can listen to audio/video recordings, and if you go to sleep, you will still get most of the benefit. When you work with Art Giser, the benefits of this material will be dramatically increased as he runs the appropriate energies to help your transformation. Latest version now available online to download.


Energetic NLP – in 10 minutes per day

12 meditations to clear and ground your energy, set boundaries and so much more. Available online from the learning platform.


Bridges to Success Exercises and Meditations

26 recorded meditations from the Bridges to Success


Recover your energy, recorded meditations

Recover your energy contains several meditations. These have been recorded for ease of use


How to improve your recovery from physical injury or operations


Activate your healing energy – Well woman techniques


How to improve allergies and reduce food intolerances

Learn new skills to better understand your own experience and to help you change your responses to food, drink, drugs, the environment etc


Waldorf – The dog who isn’t word-blind

A children’s story to encourage your child to picture words and numbers in their memory for literacy and numeracy