What is behind ADHD – progress without medication

When you learn what is behind ADHD behaviour your world will change. Come with an open mind to this teleseminar and realise how this knowledge offers you invaluable insights.

Think of someone you know with ADHD or just hyperactive, start to notice what is going on behind the behaviours. Next consider their strengths and how they are doing what they do – their metacognition.   Then let Olive Hickmott offer you some insights, and new perspectives that will connect the dots for you.

Olive Hickmott is a well-known international expert on the use of mental imagery by exceptional creative and imaginative people.   Metacognition is the understanding of how we learn and the steps we need to take to become proficient at using mental images to accelerate all aspects of learning.  She will share her experiencies of world class atheletes, architects, designers, marketeers etc.

Do come and join us for a short FREE teleseminar to start your journey into this unseen world of metacognition and ADHD.

9:30am Monday 26th September 2016 UK time.freddy small

Register here to get free access:


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Metacognition and undoing Dyslexia

To understand Dyslexia you need to understand how those with poor literacy are processing words and compare that with how those who find literacy easy.

Luckily there is much neuroscience research that answers both of these questions. To spot the difference in everyday life, Dyslexics are often recognised as creative, imaginative and “big picture” thinkers.  At Empowering Learning we celebrate these strengths and use their strengths to “undo” the literacy challenges of Dyslexia, whilst keeping the best bits.

Olive Hickmott and Sara Haboubi are both well-known international experts on the use of mental imagery for academic skills, especially literacy and numeracy.  Metacognition is the understanding of how we learn and the steps we need to take to become proficient at using mental images to accelerate all aspects of learning.

Do come and join us for a short FREE teleseminar to start your journey into this unseen world of metacognition and Dyslexia


Register here to get free access:
Please register for “Metacognition and undoing Dyslexia (repeat)” on Sep 22, 2016 12:30 PM BST at:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.





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Empowering Learning reaches the Learning Difference Conferences in Australia

Learning Difference Convention (LDC) 
Sara Haboubi, Empowering Learning Master Trainer from Ireland,  will be speaking at the LDC in Melbourne (Sat 20th) and Sydney (Thursday 25th-Friday 26th) August 2016
Jumpstarting Literacy & Numeracy Practitioner Course
Sydney: Monday 27th August plus 4 on-line teleseminars
On-line : 7 on-line teleseminars, 7:30pm Sydney time, 10:30 am UK time
Families:  Do you have a child with a learning difficult? The Jumpstarting Workshop for Families will not only help you avoid ‘summer learning loss’ but will help you to coach your child to learn more effectively.

Teachers in Australia:  If you are based in Melbourne or Sydney you will have a unique opportunity to attend a full Jumpstarting Practitioner Course.

Want to know a bit more about it? Check out this interview with Se McCarthy of St Joseph’s N.S. in Rathwire. This school has been using this for 3 years and teachers have seen dramatic improvements across the board AND the school of 240+ students is one of the calmest places I have visited!! These  interviews show how effective the process has been at the school: Jumpstarting Literacy & Numeracy: A School’s Experience.



Do join the convention and meet Sara Haboubi is an Empowering Learning  Master Trainer and Practitioner, Co-Developer Jumpstarting Lit & Num. 

Sara is a Successful Learning Skills and Strategies Specialist. Her passion is to help students, of all ages, understand their own learning experience, recognise when a strategy is ineffective and know how to change it. No two learners are the same. Some people naturally develop the best approaches to learning, whilst others may struggle for years. Becoming a successful learner is not dependent on IQ – it is all about using the right internal and external tools, techniques and principles.

It’s not about working harder –  it’s about learning smarter! 

Call +353 (0) 860775452 or email sara@empoweringlearning.ie. 

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“What to do when your learner does not know what to do”

Saturday Morning Presentation
14th May 2016
10.00 for 10.30 am – 12.00 pmUntitled

Price:  £20

Olive Hickmott, Empowering Learning
Director of the International Association for Health and Learning

“What to do when your learner does not know what to do”
Using visualisation and mental imagery to enhance learning.

To be held at:
Frensham Heights School, Rowledge, Farnham, Surrey GU10 4EA

Learning happens through our senses: primarily visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactory and gustatory.  Our memory is linked to all of these senses and to be an effective learner we need to know how to optimally use these senses. We have visual skills by 6 weeks old, quickly learning how to create mental images of faces and toys without any training. As time goes by, children can develop strong visual learning skills, shown through exceptional creativity and an excellent imagination. But when stressed, they may be overwhelmed by uncontrollable mental images that destroy their ability to learn. This is when learning differences surface as learning difficulties.  You will learn about how to enable everyone to understand their inner world of visual learning and its relevance throughout neurodiversity (the diversity of the human brain with infinite variations of neurocognitive functioning within our species).

Then we come to using mental imagery for Jumpstarting Literacy and Numeracy, using their strengths to make learning easy!

Those who learn differently often have very good skills for visual learning through strong mental images, but struggle to translate this into academic results, often being described as neurodivergent and getting diagnosed as having Dyslexia or Dyscalculia.  There are 3 key tenants to this:

  • Recognising the value of mental imagery as essential for spelling, reading, making sense of and remembering what is read, mental calculations and legible handwriting. 100% of those we work with have not developed these skills naturally.
  • Creating an optimal learning state, i.e. relaxed body, alert mind
  • Helping students become more aware of their own internal processes, helps them recognise their strengths and adjust any ineffective learning strategies accordingly.

All of these skills are supported by neuroscience and although it was thought that these skills were inherent and could not be taught, we now KNOW that this is not the case.  They can all be taught quickly and easily individually or in the classroom to all students including those with Dyslexia or Dyscalculia.

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When Phonics Isn’t Enough – Learn How to Help the Struggling 20%

20percentThis is an article and video from the Empowering Learning Master Trainer in Ireland. These programmes are also run in the UK and on-line throughout the world, see details below.

According to The 2014 National Assessments of English Reading and Mathematics, over 20% of both 2nd class and 6th class students have literacy of Level 1 or below. Between 20-25% of students are at Level 1 or below in mathematics. Although it shows that results have improved since the 2009 report, where they were in the 30’s, it still shows that many students are leaving primary school without even the basic literacy and numeracy skills necessary to succeed at secondary level and beyond.

Yes, there are many factors that may explain this, however we know from working with thousands of students over the last number of years that there are two key factors that play a major role in poor literacy and numeracy performance:

  1. Stress: many studies have shown that stress reduces the efficiency of our Working Memory and therefore short term memory and cognitive processes. It also reduces the ability to recall information effectively from our Long  Term Memory. ‘Going Blank’ is common in tests and exams, interviews and being put on the spot, but when stress is present most of the time, learning becomes extremely difficult. This can affect all students, not just those with labels.
  2. Mental Imagery:students who have not developed their mental imagery skills, or adapted them sufficiently, will struggle to learn, understand and remember things. Training and coaching students in this skill has been shown to be the missing link for many students, particularly those diagnosed with Dyslexia and Dyscalculia. The well-structured phonics programmes that most primary schools use are great for the majority of students, however there are those that simply do not get it. Remedial phonics can help but this is slow, laborious and disheartening for the students, the teachers and the parents! As Einstein quoted, ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result!’ Let’s do something different!

So, if you are a parent, teacher or Principal, and you have seen your child/students struggle and wondered what can you do to really help them become independent and successful learners,  then you will be interested in the Jumpstarting Literacy & Numeracy Programme. Sign up to for the FREE webinar on Friday 8th April at 9.30 am (you can sign up and access the recording later if you can’t listen live). 

Check out this interview with Se McCarthy of St Joseph’s N.S. in Rathwire. This school has been using this for 3 years and have seen dramatic improvements across the board AND the school of 240+ students is one of the calmest places I have ever been!!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiuyuRl9LeU&feature=em-share_video_user. This is Part 1 of 5 of a 10 min interview on how effective the process has been at the school.

The next Jumpstarting Programme for Schools is running Monday 18th April and Friday 29th April at St Joseph’s N.S. in Rathwire. You will get to see first-hand, the process in action with a class twice, once for spelling and once for times tables. Check out the website www.empoweringlearning.ie for more info and call +353 (0) 860775452 to book.

This is also being offered as an EPV course from July 4th – 8th at Froebel College, Maynooth. Hurry though as places have already started to fill up.


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Art Giser: Chakra Energy Spa

Many people know that there are chakras in their body. You may not realize just how powerful they are, and how much they limit your career, relationships, creativity, abundance, health, manifestation abilities, energy, success and all the other aspects of your life.

Join Art Giser for this very special 2 day workshop to discover the power of your chakras and experience transformative energies and attunements to clear and heal them. You will set your chakras to operate at a new level that will enhance your life.

Over the course of the transformative weekend you will be relaxing, clearing, opening and empowering 12 of your most important chakras (yes 12!).

We’re really looking forward to this life-afirming workshop on 9th and 10th of April with the internationally loved energy master Art Giser.

The current discounts on tickets are only available until this Sunday 2nd April. Make sure you book yours now through this link:


This is not a workshop to teach you about your chakras, it is a weekend to release the power within them. Your inner wisdom and spirit know everything about your chakras, much more than your conscious mind could ever know or comprehend.
At the Chakra Energy Spa you will go beyond thinking and logic. You will put your inner wisdom and spirit in charge and use the extremely powerful energies Art will bring in to clear, heal and enhance your chakras.
Book your ticket now to take advantage of the discounted tickets which are only available until this Sunday.
If you have any questions about the workshop, please call Jemma on 0208 123 9736 or write to her atcontact@solar-events.co.uk.

With our very warmest wishes,

Art, Jemma & the Solar Events Team


0208 123 9736

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Masterclass: How to pick up the phone in order to get more prospective clients

Does the thought of picking up the phone and calling someone you do not know fill you with dread or even make you feel sick? And at the same time you know it would be immensely valuable to be to do this in order to build new relationships with prospective clients.  This could even help you with the “feast and famine” dips in your business and ensure you have a more consistent flow of work.

Maybe you have tried “Cold calling” in the past and it has not worked and you hated the rejection that came with it.

So if you would like to learn how to “start conversations from cold” that really do develop relationships and lead to business  then join David Festenstein who is a Communication Specialist (Master Practitioner in NLP) and Phone expert who has built relationships
for over 20 years on the phone for companies and trained and coached business people who have had an intrinsic dislike of the phone to do this for themselves.

This Masterclass is FREE when you join in on-line, 8pm 5th April.  Register now and if you can’t make the time, you will be offered a recording.

In this webinar you will learn:

a) How to deal with your phobia/dislike of picking up the phone in the first place
b) How to have an approach that will encourage you to pick up the phone on a regularly basis
c) How to make use of the first 40secs of the call
d) How to work with “gate-keepers” so they can help you get those all important appointments
e) How to monitor your progress  to make sure you stay on track

This Masterclass is FREE when you join in on-line, 8pm 5th April.  Register now and if you can’t make the time, you will be offered a recording.

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