About Olive Hickmott

Olive Hickmott

A Forensic Health and Learning Coach, Author and Trainer

A graduate of the University of Sussex, and an ex-Director of a hi-tech company. I am qualified in NLP, energetic NLP and many other modalities.  I look behind the behaviors of children, especially neurodivergent ones, to understand what is challenging them. I am a world leader in understanding the role of mental imagery and particularly interested in how sleep, breathing, grounding, energy, anxiety and safety contribute.

A reformed Dyslexic and ADHDer I created Empowering Learning to enable highly creative, imaginative, neurodivergent students to learn in the most effective way for them, that is typically through their strengths of mental imagery. I am the architect and author of the New Perspectives series of personal development books and CDs, including:
The Elephants in the classroomBridges to Success, Seeing Spells Achieving, You too can ‘do’ Health, Recover your energy, How to Reduce the Impact of Dementia, Back from the Brink…twice

Recent favorite video: https://youtu.be/njNx5v8vp4E

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Tel: 07970-854388