Turning back the clock on Dementia

Everyone these days knows of someone with Dementia, whether they are a close relative, friend, friend of a friend, customer or a client.  There is so much of it about it is very difficult to avoid it.  And for everyone with a diagnosis of Dementia, there are many more who are worried about losing their memory or who are extremely busy and concerned about caring for someone with Dementia – these are the relatives and friends; the unofficial carers, who definitely need all the support they can get.

I have trained as a Dementia Champion to help create Dementia Friendly Communities. This is part of a national campaign to create 1 million Dementia Friends by 2015.  That’s 1 million ways in which the country is becoming more Dementia Friendly.  I believe this is really important.  I have been trained to run a short information session providing valuable information to the general public, especially those who offer services in the community. All of the material is underwritten by Dementia Friends, that is sponsored by the Altzheimer’s society. I run events in the community, as a volunteer, so all you need to do is ask.  

May is Dementia Awareness Week, Please tell your friends, colleagues and networking acquaintances about this initiative, you never know who will find this invaluable support, in very challenging times.

In addition, I am a health coaching working with families of those with Dementia. You can go to www.dementia.simpleskills.co.uk for more information or www.tiahl.org/dementiaconference/ for an audio of the conference the International Association ran to give unofficial carers more insights, to improve the family’s quality of life.

About olivehickmott

I am a Forensic Learning coach, showing people how they can improve their own learning and change their health. Working with creative neurodivergent students is a joy, as they learn new skills to overcome many of their learning challenges.
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