Free drop-in with your questions about visual learners

Learn some new perspectives on how to help our neurodivergent students. Just drop-in with your questions.

Next date is Wednesday 4th September, 9:00am or 7:30pm

Register here to join this FREE call:

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Empowering Learning can offer parents and teachers many skills, to help creative children find learning easier and more fun through mental imagery.

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Reading for Visual Learners


p49_dinasaursmall⭐️ Reading Workshop with Olive Hickmott ⭐️

Is your child struggling to spell or read and you don’t know how to help them?

This happens to many creative, imaginative children who have other great skills! Did you know that to be a fluent reader and recognise words you need to be able to picture words as mental images? This is the skill that everyone who is good at literacy has naturally developed for spelling and reading. Even if you have a diagnosis of Dyslexia you can learn this new skill you are missing.

The library has a great offer for you. During the holidays Olive Hickmott, a local learning coach, is at the library 2-3pm on 2nd September.

Anyone is welcome to come along and try out this unique approach for yourselves. It’s fun, fast and effective. And best of all its completely free.

If possible please call into Redbourn library to book your place or send a message to us via the Facebook page or just arrive at 2pm.

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My Fundraiser succeeded and is continuing

1st 100My wonderful friends, from the UK, USA and even Australia, contributed to my birthday fundraiser to cover the costs of sending out the first 100 copies of The Elephants in the Classroom to primary schools across the United Kingdom, to help neurodivergent visual learners excel (see map for lucky schools). There seem to be more and more of these learners and fewer and fewer resources to help them.  I am selecting schools near a local practitioner and sending them out to go out on their travels. This is the really fun part, imagining how many creative neurodivergent children in primary school will get new skills to help them excel. Everyone goes with a letter of support to the headteacher and love to the children.

If you want to add a contribution, we will keep this rolling as long as possible, our target is all 20,000 primary schools in the UK! Details here

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Can breathing really improve ADHD?

breathDo you see your child gulping air in and out? Modern science tells us there is a lot more to breathing than mouth breathing.  Overbreathing, through your mouth, doesn’t get more oxygen in our blood, it is already pretty full and emptying your blood of all carbon dioxide, stops oxygenation into your muscles, brain, cells and organs. I have been amazed at my discoveries over the last few weeks and even more astonished that parents of ADHD children are not given this information. So listen to the teleclass recording and in just 1 hour find out more. Here is the link to sign-up for free

I strongly recommend you review the previous material I have posted at where you can listen to my first introductory teleseminar on breathing and also read a body of research material on ADHD and breathing.

When I published The Elephants in the Classroom, there was always going to be room for more elephants to pop up.  It seems that mouth breathing so stresses your body, it is behind much of the anxiety and need for grounding mentioned in  “The Elephants in the Classroom: uncovering every student’s natural power of mental imagery to enhance learning“. To find out more, order your own copy here, or more than 10 copies here or on or

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Help for schools with neurodivergent students

Would you like to help your local school to learn skills that will play to the strengths of neurodivergent students and accelerate their learning, at no cost to them?

Elephants in the Classroom mockup 6This started as my birthday Facebook fundraiser for schools which has proved so popular I have extended it to everyone. 100 schools will already benefit, with your help we can make this many more, in time for next term. Schools, especially primary schools are so short of funding I wanted to look at how we could benefit them and in particular their students without any cost to the school. At the same time, many parents were open to helping primary children progress.   How it works is that you make whatever donation you like towards the minimal cost price (including postage) of one or more copies of The Elephants in the Classroom: uncovering every student’s natural power of mental imagery to enhance learning.  Learning the skills mapped out in this book will help students with literacy, numeracy, concentration, sensory overload, anxiety, confidence, attention and much more. It works for everyone and especially neurodivergent students. Learning will be based on their strengths with mental imagery; those images that most neurodivergent students have in abundance for pictures. Please note that mental imagery is already part of the national curriculum, called visual learning and not explicitly taught, as it is often confused with visual teaching.

Just click here to make your donation, by increasing the quantity. When you get your receipt forward it to to nominate which school(s) you would like to benefit and whether you would like to deliver your present(s) in person.  We will include a covering letter:

  • explaining the benefits to the school and pupils
  • identifying some online short videos to accelerate their progress
  • giving the school a point of contact to ask any questions.

This offer, which is sponsored by the International Association for Health and Learning,  is currently only available for schools in the UK, and we are investigating extending it to the USA, as we already have some supporters from abroad.

Below are a few of the testimonials:

“What a real gem of a book that lights up some of the dark corners in the life of many children who struggle to learn – and this will definitely help their parents, teachers and carers to better support these kids and empower them to succeed. I have first-hand experience of many things she describes…and once there is greater understanding of the challenges these beautiful children face, it is so much easier to feel compassion, empathy and patience rather than frustration! Any quick wins that support teachers to empower their students are worth adopting in an educational setting. ”Karen Falconer, CEO of the Association for NLP, mum and School Trustee.
 “If you are reading this book then you are someone who wants to make a difference. The pages of this book could well hold your very own ‘lightbulb moment’, in how you think about learning and about learning differences” Sally Patrick, ex-headteacher, now training as a Special Needs Co-ordinator 
“Big challenges are looming in the world. We don’t need angrier, resigned, frustrated, or hopeless people. The loss to society of so many talented people who could be contributing to themselves and others is enormous. The loss of the contributions that could have been made by creative people who think differently is impossible to calculate.  We need all the neurodivergent students, who think differently, to resolve the challenges of today. It is time to stop complaining about the problems of education and time to introduce these proven concepts and methods into more and more schools. Do yourself the favour of reading this book, and of giving it to people who need it.” Art Giser, Creator of Energetic NLP
In this ‘upside down ‘world, Olive has revealed the scandal of thousands of talented children confined to a world of learning difficulties because they learn differently and do not have access to the simple life-altering skill of mental imagery. Her groundbreaking book is the start of an educational revolution. Dr Richard De Souza GP & Mental Coach




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Mouth breathing and ADHD

freddy smallRecently I did a free teleseminar comparing the benefits of nose breathing to mouth breathing. I have had a very positive response from lots of mouth breathers, saying things like “nose breathing calms me down”, “nose breathing makes a huge difference to anxious children”, “I sleep better”, “this has enabled me to get grounded for the first time in my life”.  Several of these people happen to have a variety of medical conditions and/or learning challenges.

I mentioned in the teleseminar that mouth breathing might be related to ADHD. Since then I have been overwhelmed by how many people with an ADHD diagnosis for themselves / their children or have various neurodivergent symptoms have come forward to tell me what a difference nose breathing has made to them, within days.  Then Patrick Mckeown, author of the Oxygen Advantage, posted me some research about ADHD, sleep disorders and nose breathing – it is frightening that no parents of ADHD children seem to have been told these simple facts. Quoting from one of the many statistics in this research paper “40% of children suffer from Sleep Disordered Breathing (SBD) develop ADD, ADHD and/or learning disability”.  Why aren’t we telling our hard-pressed parents and teachers about the merits of nose breathing, which is, after all, a free resource to everyone?  If you ask google you will find many similar posts.

Please let me have your feedback for you, your family or students. 

This is another Elephant in the Classroom, that is behind much of the anxiety mentioned in  “The Elephants in the Classroom: uncovering every student’s natural power of mental imagery to enhance learning“.  To find out more, order your own copy here, or more than 10 copies here or on or

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Kids excel & schools save SEN money

Almost all of our schools are finding they have less funding available that in turn effects the increasing demands on Special Needs Budgets.  So what can we do for less whilst kids excel?

Imagine what it would be like if you could dramatically increase the number of children who find spelling, reading, maths and concentration easy.  How much money would that save your school?  How much heartache would that save children, parents and teachers alike? How many lightbulbs could you turn on?

10.don't-slump_smallHave you ever heard about the Elephants in the Classroom – those skills that we know about but may not be helping our children to use, to stop them being so confused. The most important one is mental imagery or visual imagery – those images you hold in your head to help you think and learn.  Alongside this, how do you keep calm and fully grounded so you can use controlled mental images for literacy, numeracy and aid concentration?  And to support those, how do you learn to relax your breathing, be fully grounded and have clarity of thought.

During the summer holidays, you can learn simple skills to make all this possible for you, your child or your school, regardless of neurodivergent diagnoses such as Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ADHD or ASD.   You can start right now:

no-problem-studying-dec15_colour_smallerThe choice is yours, the results can be spectacular with just a little practice. You can make a real difference.



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