Dyslexia Awareness Week

Dyslexia Awareness week 7th-11th October.

Do your bright creative neurodivergent children struggle with literacy? Find out how literacy can be made much easier even for dyslexics. On Wed 9th Oct, 9:00am or 7:30pm. Come along and join our free webinar: Easy ways to teach dyslexic students literacy,

Do pass this on to your friends, literacy is one of the topics that is easy to solve for neurodivergent students once you understand their visual experience. Neurodivergent students have enough challenges they don’t need to struggle with literacy too.

They are very often highly visual learners and for them, auditory phonic learning does not suit their skill set, in English. Start teaching them visually and the difference will be exceptional.

To do a bit of pre-reading take a look at my recent book,  The Elephants in the Classroom. When I published The Elephants in the Classroom, there was always going to be room for more elephants to pop up.  It seems that mouth breathing so stresses your body, it is behind much of the anxiety and need for grounding mentioned in  “The Elephants in the Classroom: uncovering every student’s natural power of mental imagery to enhance learning“. To find out more, order your own copy here, or more than 10 copies here or on  Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com.

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First Free 100 books supplied to Primary Schools

Elephants in the Classroom mockup 6I have made 3 mini videos to introduce my latest book, “The Elephants in the Classroom.” This opens a completely new approach to teaching neurodivergent students.

If you click on this page you can see the videos, a brief description of the book and some testimonials.

If you have any questions about the book or how every student’s natural power of mental imagery can enhance learning, do join one of my free online drop-in sessions.

I ran a fundraiser recently to supply copies free of charge to primary schools.  The first 100 books have now gone out and we hope to get support to supply more. If you would like to contribute see the left-hand column on www.empoweringlearning.co.uk

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Separation anxiety – online training Webinar


        I think you might be interested in this on-line training from NLP4kids. Anxiety is so often co-morbid with the work Empowering Learning does with neurodivergent students on learning differences, I highly recommend this session.


Do you know a child who struggles with separation anxiety? Maybe that child is yours or maybe it is a child you work with. Either way, I’m sure you can appreciate how difficult and disruptive it can be to manage this problem, no matter what the age of the child is.

It might strike you as a problem that mainly affects younger children, but I have met many teenagers in my therapy practice who find being away from their parents (or their parents being away from them) so tough, it prevents aspects of their social development from occurring.

Sometimes, this anxiety can pass over time or as a child gets used to the circumstances. But this is not always the case and helping parents to navigate their way through the guilt they may feel is paramount to resolving the situation sooner than later. Teachers and professionals can also be part of the solution as they are often involved in reassuring parents and young people. 

Separation anxiety can occur for many different reasons:

  • School transition
  • Returning to a childminder
  • Visiting a parent who has left the family home
  • The back-to-school routine after the summer holiday
  • Going to parties, play dates and sleepovers with friends.
That’s why I’ve put together this webinar, at this pivotal point in the academic year, to help you all move quickly forward towards feelings of comfort, certainty and let’s face it, a sense of being in control.

During this live webinar, I’ll be sharing with you strategies that have worked for parents and professionals by referring to real life case studies and successes. There will be advice for parents and professionals to employ in a variety of settings  – plus, you’ll have the opportunity to have your individual questions answered if I have not addressed your specific situation.

The webinar will be broadcast live and will also be recorded and distributed to those who sign up, but cannot make it on that day/time. You can also purchase the recording after the webinar has taken place.

I ordinarily charge £250 per 90 minute session so this is a fantastic opportunity to ‘pick my brains'(!) and receive some top-notch advice for a tenner!

What you’ll receive:

  • Access to the live webinar
  • A copy of the webinar recording (sent the following day)
  • A copy of the powerpoint slides used on the webinar (sent the following day)
  • A certificate of attendance (sent the following day)

Click here to learn more oclick here to book this online training

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Free on-line training with Buteyko

Just to let you know that the Buteyko Clinic is currently offering their on-line training for children and teenagers for free due to a generous donation.  See link below:
I discovered Patrick Mckown’s book The Oxygen Advantage a couple of months ago and was fascinated to learn the importance of how you breathe not only for myself but also for those children I meet who are hyperactive, may have an ADHD diagnosis and the thousands with blocked noses and asthma.
I ran 2 teleseminars to explain the essentials to my community and I have been shocked to discover that almost no parents of ADHD children have any idea that mouth breathing, rather than nose that goes down into your belly, and has a significant connection with hyperactivity and a lot more symptoms. I have found more and more research, watched Patrick’s YouTubes and read some of his material.
The Buteyko Clinic is now offering this on-line programme for free for children and teenagers and of course their parents. I really recommend you and your child listen to the 7 short videos and download the material. I so wish I had known about this material when I was a child. When in school or using mindfulness techniques don’t forget to use nose breathing, rather than mouth breathing to create a calm environment.  
If you have read my book The Elephants in the Classroom, I talk much about skills to become grounded, correct breathing is a prerequisite to becoming calm and grounded.
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Free drop-in with your questions about visual learners

Learn some new perspectives on how to help our neurodivergent students. Just drop-in with your questions.

Next date is Wednesday 4th September, 9:00am or 7:30pm

Register here to join this FREE call: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/7109820806430804227.

yellow plush toy

Empowering Learning can offer parents and teachers many skills, to help creative children find learning easier and more fun through mental imagery.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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Reading for Visual Learners


p49_dinasaursmall⭐️ Reading Workshop with Olive Hickmott ⭐️

Is your child struggling to spell or read and you don’t know how to help them?

This happens to many creative, imaginative children who have other great skills! Did you know that to be a fluent reader and recognise words you need to be able to picture words as mental images? This is the skill that everyone who is good at literacy has naturally developed for spelling and reading. Even if you have a diagnosis of Dyslexia you can learn this new skill you are missing.

The library has a great offer for you. During the holidays Olive Hickmott, a local learning coach, is at the library 2-3pm on 2nd September.

Anyone is welcome to come along and try out this unique approach for yourselves. It’s fun, fast and effective. And best of all its completely free.

If possible please call into Redbourn library to book your place or send a message to us via the Facebook page or just arrive at 2pm.

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My Fundraiser succeeded and is continuing

1st 100My wonderful friends, from the UK, USA and even Australia, contributed to my birthday fundraiser to cover the costs of sending out the first 100 copies of The Elephants in the Classroom to primary schools across the United Kingdom, to help neurodivergent visual learners excel (see map for lucky schools). There seem to be more and more of these learners and fewer and fewer resources to help them.  I am selecting schools near a local practitioner and sending them out to go out on their travels. This is the really fun part, imagining how many creative neurodivergent children in primary school will get new skills to help them excel. Everyone goes with a letter of support to the headteacher and love to the children.

If you want to add a contribution, we will keep this rolling as long as possible, our target is all 20,000 primary schools in the UK! Details here

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