Forwarded from the International Association for Health and Learning

A note from Olive Hickmott, founder of the International Association.

In this time of change, I feel that simplicity, flexibility and embracing the opportunities of change are vital. I have thus decided to close the International Association but I and my fabulous international network of practitioners are very much still here to support you and your families. Here are some ways we would be delighted to stay connected:
  • You will be able to access all the latest thoughts and ideas on my blog Do sign up there, blogs will replace newsletters and many are also posted in FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.
  • On the website part of this blog you will see short summaries of Empowering Learning and Empowering Health, a shop for books and CDs plus an exciting new section called “Empowering Being“. The later is the start of a positive section about reframing Covid-19, exploring health skills that can boost your mental health, your immune system, your breathing and so much more.
  • For those who regularly follow me to learn more about neurodiversity, this is a very exciting time, when our children who think and learn differently can be an enormous asset to a better integrated new world . So I have created weekly Neurodivergent Wednesdays with a 9am live zoom call for any parents and teachers plus an 8pm live zoom call for Practitioners. Both made a great start last week, exploring possibilities, including the role of a Neurodivergent School Coach, that several were piloting before school closures. Link details are on
  • Practitioners also have their own facebook group and can join the regional whatsapp groups – just mail me if you want to join one of these.
  • Many of our Empowering Learning Practitioners offer one-to-one coaching either in person or on-line across the world.Contact me for details.
  • Home study training programmes are still be available at Watch the blog for any updates. I will be rationalising and shortening them, to make your progress faster, with the help of introductory videos, that can be freely used by schools and communities. There are some very special training offers during the current situation to help support communities.
Details of Neurodivergent Wednesdays:Drop-in sessions for parents and coaches of neurodivergent students: 

Every Wednesday, there is a live drop-in session 9-10am, Bring along your questions, for example: how can I best to cope in the current situation, safer breathing, the fun of using visual skills, exploring strengths. Any questions from you, your clients and friends are welcome.go to to find the zoom link.

For the community of Empowering Learning Practitioners Working Together: .This will meet live at 8-9pm every Wednesday. We are exploring how we can best serve our neurodivergent community. The zoom link will be sent to the Empowering Learning Practitioner group on Facebook and the geographic Whatsapp groups.