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Exhaustion – may or may not be ME and Chronic Fatigue

What can you do to achieve the health and vitality you want?Are you an empathetic person who is always a “good ear” for your friends’ problems, issues and challenges?Do you find that some negative television programmes such as bad news and some of the soaps, trigger exhaustion?Did your symptoms start at the time of a major change in your life and a high level of stress?Have you got cold hands or feet?Do you feel a lot of responsibility for others and that you need to give them energy?Are you the sort of person who has hundreds of things to do running around in your head, in a never ending race? Do you find it difficult to prioritise and make decisions?Are you perhaps a therapist who picks up negative energy from your clients, as they release their issues?Do you get a real muzzy feeling in your head?Are you a doctor or a dentist, with some clients who exhaust you for no particular reason, e.g. its not the complexity of the dentistry?

Many conditions are associated with exhaustion, even just going for a hospital appointment can exhaust you. Most people with MR, Chronic Fatigue, SAD or post-viral syndrome would agree that is if their energy was running freely throughout their body all the time, they would feel just great.
You can start today to get a greater understanding of your own energy. Olive Hickmott, often meets people who have less energy than they want and can describe “dragging their body around”.   EnergeticNLP, the technique I use, will give you a greater understanding of your energy flow, enable you to boost your energy for yourself and clear whatever blocks your energy. There are many different therapies that are effective at releasing blocked energy; however, EnergeticNLP is the only process that, once learnt, enables you to work on your own energy without the need for visiting a therapist and without anyone else in your environment knowing. EnergeticNLP enables you to release old events, emotions and confusion that is troubling you, plus emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, old programming etc. that you no longer need – a full “feng shui” letting go for the body. The techniques of EnergeticNLP are very simple so that you can run them whenever and wherever you like, letting go of any negativity you have picked up and firing you own energy flow. You could describe EnergeticNLP as similar to the ritual of washing and brushing your teeth – so you are learning to let go of not just physical dirt but energetic/emotional stuff too, as a regular habit. There are several places you can start: Go onto the energetic NLP page on facebook and listen to some of Art Giser’s videos. He is the creator of energetic NLP and very generous in supply free resources.You can contact Art directly through EnergeticNLP.comYou can contact Olive Hickmott, olive@empoweringhealth.co.uk
With EnergeticNLP you will: Learn just a little bit about how your body’s energy is organised. Where it comes from, and especially important is where it goes toInvestigate where your energy is blocked and start to release it – this may be as a result of physical injury or an operation or simply as a result of storing up negative emotions and limiting beliefs, that prevent your energy flowing.Start to clear your mind of some of the confusion that triggers exhaustion and “muzzyness”.Look after your own energy and then you will be better able to help others.Investigate and resolve what triggers an energy crash.Start doing things that you really enjoy and are important to you – this will give you energy.

Nose or Mouth Breathing – what’s the difference? Does it matter?

You might think there is little difference between nose and mouth breathing but Olive recently discovered that there is a lot of difference and it doesn’t just stop there. You can listen to her initial discoveries here, in her teleclass entitled, Breathing is Good for you. I explain some of the symptoms that are common with mouth breathers and why you should consider being a nose breathing day and night. You will also discover how your breathing effects your ability to lift objects, move and stand-up.

We can also recommend Patrick McKeown’s youtubes for his highly researched information, built on the late Dr. Buteyko’s innovative approach.

We have discovered that there is often a major correlation with ADHD and mouth breathers, so this is where Empowering Learning and Empowering Health once again overlap under Olive Hickmott’s banner.

How to just feel better

Most people when they are unhappy are looking down.  Many who have chronic illnesses are depressed, the worst thing you can do is to look down – this is where you access your emotions.

We can learn how someone is thinking by watching their eye movements as their eyes contain brain cells and movements of our eyes reflect how we are accessing our internal world.  We look up for visual (V), sideways for auditory (A) and down for kinaesthetic (K) feelings and self-talk.  The person may well not even be aware of these movements, they are so fast.  In addition, the emphasis on looking to the right or the left is sometimes reversed, there is nothing wrong, this is just how someone is.

If someone is telling you they are not happy they will probably be looking down.  Ask then to sit back in the chair and look up.  After a few minutes ask them about the difference.  They will probably say that it seems better when they are looking up. We have the expression in the English language “things are looking up” or “I am feeling down”. Change you line of visual and see what happens to your mood.

If someone is struggling with anything they are doing – reading, writing, walking, etc get to look up and compare their experiences.

Patient and carer support for time in Intensive Care and subsequent recovery.

In 2016 Olive’s husband had a 30 day stay in hospital, including time in Intensive care.  They are indebted to the hospital staff for his recovery, and during that time they developed some important insights that could be useful to other close relatives and carers.

They have been published in a book called Back from the Brink…twice.  A paper version is available here and a kindle version is available on-line.  Any income goes to the ICU unit in Watford Hospital.

Allergies, food intolerances and the immune system

What can I do with hay fever?Gluten intolerance makes eating so difficult. I seem to have tried everything, is there really another way?
Was this really hayfever: ” I approached Olive because I thought that she may be able to help me with my symptoms of ‘hayfever’. I was suffering a severe reaction in my eyes sporadically where thye would become itchy then puff up. This was happening once a week or so and was usually one eye or the other. On one occasion both eyes flared up and I was unable to drive because the swelling had distorted my vision. I looked like an alien as it appeared my eyes had blistered and were ‘bubbling’ and weeping at the same time. Very unpleasant but they would return to normal within a a few hours so appeared to be a bizarre occurrence. At the same time my nose had been permanently blocked for about a month and I was having to blow my nose continuously day and night. I was very uncomfortable. I decided that this was not hayfever as my eyes were not swollen all the time and these symptoms were extreme – nothing like the hayfever I had suffered with previously when I was a child. After a severe eye swelling attack I was feeling very worried about what my body was telling me and I attended a Wellness Circle meeting in the hope that I would be able to talk to a nutritionist to see what I was eating that was causing these horrible symptoms. I was told to drink more water and given a few other bits of advice which I was already doing. During the evening I got talking to Olive about it and she gave me a visualisation exercise to do. I did this the next day and my blocked nose seemed to get better. I was able to breathe for the first time in weeks. As I had been having these symptoms for over a month, Olive explained that it may take some time of me practicing the visualisation to clear the energy blockage that had occurred. I had a telephone consultation with her later that day and she felt that the eye blockage may be due to me picking up some psychic energy through the eye channel (I had had 2 psychic readings the month before which I had forgotten about). She then got me to do a grounding exercise and suggested that I do this daily along with the ‘magnet in the lake’ exercise. I did feel better but my eyes were still troubling me, although less often. About a week later I had a further telephone consultation with Olive. This time for an hour. She felt that I had been ‘inhaling negative energy’ which was certainly true as I care for my father in law who is a very unhappy person. I had not been protecting my own energy from him. At the same time I had been sending ‘energy’ to my brother during my daily meditations as he was going through a very difficult time personally. The combination of the two was draining my own personal energy. Olive did some energy healing exercises over the phone with me and I felt some shifts in my eyes and nose. It felt like popping similar to pressure changes that occur when flying. During these conversations she could see a forest and asked me if this meant anything to me. We are in the process of buying a house surrounded by forest and it requires a huge amount of renovation. It was this that I was having trouble ‘seeing’ and Olive suggested I put together some pictures of how I would like to ‘see’ the house in the future to help me shift this blockage of ‘not wanting to see’ it. She also showed me how to make sure that when I clear negative energy from my body that I also replace it with good clean energy. I have been practicing these techniques for 2 weeks now and I can report that I have had no more problems with my eyes and my blocked nose cleared completely within about a week. It was gradual but one day I realised that I could breathe freely and hadn’t blown my nose all day. I am utterly delighted with the results and amazed at the simplicity and ease of how it is done. Olive has taught me some valuable lessons about life and I am now teaching them to my daughter who is 5 and loves the visualisations.” Kate
” In 2000 I it was diagnosed that I was no longer able to tolerate wheat and dairy products and therefore cut them out of my diet. Upon not only reading Olive’s book, Recover Your Energy, but also practicing the exercises contained within it, a fascinating change occurred where I started to feel that I could eat these products again. And I can! After 9 years I am now able to eat a full diet without any complications, and use Olive’s excellent Recover Your Energy CD to maintain my energy and ensure I manage challenges in my life. I highly recommend speaking with Olive about the many challenges in which she supports individuals of all ages.” Dale Rockwell   You can order a copy of the CD here


I should like to tell you a true story:

One day I was having lunch with John and another friend of his, when he casually announced over dessert that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s the day before. Strangely enough I had been at a garden party with him the previous weekend and I had been talking with his wife about the work I had been doing with a number of people suffering from various diseases. So 3 days after his diagnosis John came to see me for the first time, working together in this early timeframe was also very significant. He had had the idea he had Parkinson’s for some time, as his ability to walk had become more unstable, but the diagnosis had had a quite negative effect on him. Being told he wasn’t bad but would get worse wasn’t very helpful and he observed that he was shaking much more than before and had found blank times (even only half an hour at a time) when he just had “nothing to do”. John had recently retired and although he had a number of official events in his calendar, such as concerts, holidays, being Governor of two primary schools, and Chairman of our local Residents’ group, etc, there didn’t seem much to hold his attention on a regular basis.

Positive self talk
To start with we worked on an instant idea to help with the shaking. I asked John what he was thinking when he was holding a cup that was shaking. The instant answer was something along the lines of “stop shaking, you …….. idiot” This type of internal dialogue has 2 problems, firstly John certainly isn’t an idiot, he is a very intelligent man and I just hope that I am as mentally active at the age of 70, so it really doesn’t help your subconscious to be told it’s an ……… idiot, it might just try and help turn you into one. The subconscious brain is quite simplistic, doesn’t understand jokes, doesn’t get negatives, is exceptionally fast at retrieving memories, holds enormous amounts of information, and is always on your side trying to help. So if you have the same internal dialogue on a regular basis it will try to make it come true for you – now if the idea is positive e.g. I want to be an excellent dancer that is just fine, your subconscious will help you out all it can, but if the message is “stop shaking” it may take that as “shake”, as it doesn’t do negatives. So here we have the second problem. Take a moment not to imagine a pink elephant; if you imagine an elephant, then try to rub it out or at best change the colour, you have proved that negatives don’t work too well. So the answer must be to think about something else but shaking, but what? There are many answers to this question but the one we used was “I am levitating the cup”. For this John imagined 3 helium filled balloons attached to his hand. When he wanted to lift the cup he simply levitated it. The reduction in shaking was immediate for him. You may like to make up your own visualizations – they just have to be positive, not mention shaking, and focus on what you want to achieve. Incidentally you can use the same visualization for walking – attach imaginary balloons to your knees to help you walk, it is especially good when you are tired. This is only a very quick idea but does give you an example as to the power of your thoughts and how to get your thoughts to help you out.

Diet and walking tips 
At about the same time John had contacted the Parkinson’s Disease Society and got some advice on diet and walking tips.

Conflicting medication
Through contacting the Parkinson’s Society, John had found out that through some local research that Metoclopramide could induce some symptoms of Parkinson’s. This medication John had been taking for 27 years for a hiatus hernia. He then set about determining how the dosage could be reduced and has eventually eliminated the medication altogether. We also worked on trying to identify why his body needed to continue to take this medication, to try to minimize the symptoms.

5 good things every day
This is another inexpensive tip where you take a little log book and record the 5 good things that have happened every day. Firstly it is a nice discipline to get into and also on the bad days it really gives you a boost to re-read your chronicle.

Anchoring a calm state 
When John was in a calm state it appeared that he had no shaking symptoms. Anchoring is a simple technique for recalling any particular state. For example touching your wedding ring may recall for you your very special wedding day, listening to a piece of music may enable you to re-live a particular event when you first heard that music. Of course you can have good anchors or bad anchors. The smell of cabbage may, for example, always remind you of school dinners, which you may even be able to recall in some detail. With these memories may go pictures (visual), sounds (auditory), touching (kinesthetic), tastes (gastronomic) or smells (olfactory), or if you are really lucky all five senses together – especially helpful when recalling school lunches!

So getting back to anchoring a calm state – can you remember a time when you were really calm, relaxed etc ? Now how would you like to be able to recall that state, by touching something that is always with you, e.g. jewellery, your wrist, the side of your face perhaps ? When you are next in that calm relaxed state, make sure you identify as many senses as you can, then touch your anchor and hold it for a few seconds. Then go off and do something else, and at some convenient point, when you are perhaps feeling slightly stressed touch your anchor and see if you can recall that feeling of calmness. If it doesn’t work, just practise a little, it is sure to come.

John has a habit of chewing the nail on the little finger of his hand, so he added to this the memory of being calm. Plus, he remembers a French Impressionist painting, a French song, flower buds in his garden and bright colours there – they all added to his sense of calmness.

Pretty bloody minded about illness 
A characteristic of John’s that soon became apparent was his attitude to illness. Over the years he has had several major illnesses and his attitude has always been to “defeat them”. Over his third Birthday and Christmas he had been very severely ill, when he was 14 it was discovered his legs were different lengths (this led to identifying him as having curvature of the spine and his illness at 3 being diagnosed to be polio). But he remained determined that he would not be confined to a wheelchair, and after a hiatus hernia operation, severe angina, double by-pass, a severe cardiac syndrome (feels like a heart attack but doesn’t actually damage the heart) an angioplasty, and several other illnesses, Parkinson’s was just another hurdle to encounter and defeat. I did some work with John to actually check out this diagnosis of Polio, because a diagnosis that came 11 years later seemed to warrant some curiosity.

This is where limiting belief such as genetics often come into play. For example people often believe that because their parents may have died young with heart problems, then it is more than likely that they will do too. The whole study of genetics may have huge benefits, but this “Sword of Damocles” hanging over you certainly doesn’t help anyone’s health. Limiting beliefs can be suspended long enough to determine how you really feel, if you did not have this belief. We tried this on the polio diagnosis – why did John feel that he had had polio – it was the look on his mother’s and great aunt’s face when they looked at him in bed – he had carried this image with him for 67 years and it often came into his vision. By an NLP technique we changed the image to happy smiling faces and lo and behold John suddenly said “I think I just had the flu” – a bit of a change and it could have even been demoted to a funny story. Of course these lovely ladies, whom he loved dearly, were frightened about the health of this little boy – an only child, but changing the imprint in his memory felt like lifting a weight off of his shoulders.

John’s balance 
We all have 3 separate fields, when recalling any event. Assume you have a television screen in front of you. Your visual field is at the top, auditory straight ahead (in line with your ears) and kinesthetic looking down. Individuals tend to use these fields differently for various reasons, which probably reflect incidents in their past history. If you look up when walking (in your visual field) it is much easier to walk fluently. If you look down, you are in your feelings, and it’s a bit like trying to steer a car by looking at the end of the bonnet. If you look further ahead up the road it is a lot easier. So if you look up when walking, at the trees, 20 yards up the road etc, assuming you are not in danger of tripping over something walking suddenly becomes a lot easier. From my own experience of my father, he looked down a lot when walking, no doubt in touch with a feeling that he was likely to topple over and sure enough he did. John tried raising his eyes when walking in conjunction with swinging his arms, oscillating his body from side to side, ensuring his feet are picked up and come down with proper heel-toe movements; his lack of balance improved. He also learnt to imagine a hand pulling up the hair on top of his head; this helps him to stand up straighter and walk more upright.

I also worked with John on the width of his visual field – he mainly looked straight ahead which felt like someone walking on the gymnastics bar, which certainly isn’t easy. He managed to spread out his visual field to be wider and also to feel a few inches taller. Both of these has helped his balance.

This has been a very personal story and we have no idea whether the techniques we have used, some of which are described above, will work for every Parkinson’s patient. What we do know is that you have to want to give it a try and see whether any of any techniques available can help you. I believe that everyone’s Parkinson’s may indeed be very different and may only be helped in a 1-1 way. What we have described above is in no way a replacement for medication etc, but the work we are doing may assist you to get another resource, namely your brain, organized to help you out and possibly reduce some of the symptoms. It would be great to have this researched by others to try out these techniques and see if they can generate any improvements in their quality of life.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Are you caring for someone with Dementia?Are you frustrated with everyday challenges that you can’t understand?Would you like to assist with this developing field of assistance for carers and those suffering with Dementia and Alzheimer’s?
I have always wanted to do something to help people who care for those with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. I have never been in this position personally and I am always in awe of those who do this work professionally or even just as relatives. Many years ago I was talking to someone who trains professional carers and I was inspired to see how my knowledge of NLP and Energetic NLP could help these people. Since then I have been trained as a Dementia Champion, been fascinated by the work of Naomi Feil, shared a hospital room for 2 weeks with a delightful lady with Dementia, who taught me so much, and talked with many relatives. I have produced some models to help carers better understand the process that patients are going through, which invariably triggers comments like “that makes perfect sense” and “I wish someone had told me this before, it would have saved a lot of heartache.” I am currently distilling these insights into an e-book, How to reduce the impact of Dementia – insights for carers; living in different time-zones to help anyone in this situation. It is drawn from my personal experience and that of those I have interviewed. I am also drawing in information from other experts in the field, with a common goal to assist those who care for patients and family members. I offer it to you as a model and hope that it will help some of your confusion. I trust it will improve, in some small way, the quality of life for carers and those being cared for. I know that carers have little time to read so the e-book will we delivered in several short sections: Part 1: To help you better understand the patient’s experience and simple work around’s to assist your/their everyday life. Part 2: Tools to help carers maintain their own health, whilst in very challenging situations Part 3: How some of the tools you have learnt part 2 may be able to help the patients. Sign up for the free summary and see how this information can help you and listen to the videos here.   Olive Hickmott is a Dementia Champion and also instigated an on-line conference with experts providing practical strategies. The recordings are available here.   “Olive has researched techniques that help carers deal with dementia sufferers. She patiently and carefully shared these with me and they helped me better understand how to communicate with my father and help him” David

Female Wellbeing

Would you like to reduce period pains?Would you like to improve PMS?Looking for techniques to improve the menopause?Struggling with too much responsibility for everyone? You will find a CD here to assist you, in your exploration.
There are a number of wellwoman topics that we are finding respond very favorably to the techniques of Energetic NLP, namely: Period painsPMSHaving a positive menopauseReducing stress over becoming pregnant EnergeticNLP uses guided imagery, so are completely non-invasive and just teach you how to use the power of your mind to change some of your experiences with woman’s issue.
You will gain a greater understanding of your energy flow, enable you to boost your energy for yourself and clear whatever blocks your energy. Energy follows thought and with understanding how to direct your energy you will be amazed just what you can do – no pills, nothing intrusive, just the power of your mind. There are many different therapies that are effective at releasing blocked energy; however, Energetic NLP is a very powerful process that, once learnt, enables you to work on your own energy without the need for visiting a therapist and without anyone else in your environment knowing. Energetic NLP enables you to release old events, emotions and confusion that is troubling you, plus emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, old programming etc. that you no longer need – a full “feng shui” letting go for the body. The great benefit is that you can just let go of whatever it is safe to release without looking further into any issues. The techniques of Energetic NLP are very simple so that you can run them whenever and wherever you like, letting go of any negativity you have picked up and stimulating you own energy flow. You could describe Energetic NLP as similar to the ritual of washing and brushing your teeth – so you are learning to let go of not just physical dirt but energetic/emotional stuff too, as a regular habit. You will find a CD here to assist you, in your exploration.

Unexplained deafness

Working with a client one day, who had been very deaf for about 8 years, I was looking at where his eyes moved to as he spoke. The best place to recall sounds is by looking to the left, and he just never looked there. After a few questions he said that he had better tell you that he was deaf in that ear.

He was very open to new ideas and so when I asked him whether he wanted to work on this “why not – let’s give it a try”

I kept firing questions at him until he peeped to the left, almost like a naughty boy. The next question then he went fully to the left and one question later he collapsed in laughter “I’ve got an ear on the side of my head. I can hear a lot better!”

The next morning he told me he had had to turn down the TV sound down dramatically. Instead of the green line being nearly on max, he had now turned it down to about a third.Talking to him about positive intent – it seems that eight years before he had been working in a very noisy workshop and wanted to transfer to work in the office. With the noise and his deafness, he couldn’t hear what was being   said to him and so he got moved to the office. An alternative view might be that he simply installed his own earmuffs, to actually prevent himself from going deaf. Either way you can see the positive intent. The only problem was that he had no idea he had made himself deaf and the sell-by date had passed for needing to remain deaf. With the simple use on eye accessing cues he had restored his hearing.

Working with a lady who had an immune condition, it took some time to get her into a grounded state.  Being grounded is the feeling of being fully in your body, calm and peaceful.  When someone has an immune condition they are frequently not grounded, very stressed and many things just don’t work well.  The minute she was grounded she took both the hearing aid out of her ears and threw them across the table at me., saying “I don’t need these any more, I can hear you perfectly well”. I hadn’t even realised she was deaf.

Sometimes a little more effort is required for you to develop new programming, and just think what expressions you might be telling yourself, on a regular basis, to make your subconscious decide to go deaf – “I can’t stand this noise”, “this place is making me deaf”.

People who repeat expressions like”I should like to drown out what you are saying”, may even develop Tinitus.

Remember to be careful what you say to yourself, we all like to be right!

Physical Injury

Trying to recover from a physical injury or operation?In physiotherapy, learning to walk again?Recovering from a Multiple Sclerosis relapse?In cardiac rehabilitation?Just wanting to heal?
There is much you can do to help the healing process, often without moving a muscle, that will activate your body’s own natural healing.  Visualisation is the first skill to learn to not only visualise success but also the steps along the way.  This skill was first noticed by elite athletes recovering from injury and is now available to everyone.  Olive is an internationally renowned expert in how people learn visually, and you don’t need to have learning difficulties to benefit from your own fabulous visual skills. Of course you can still use visualisation to improve walking, you don’t need to have had a physical injury. This CD is invaluable for all forms of rehabilitation. You can learn how to: let go of the shock of the injuryidentify and release any beliefs that are keeping you stuckbecome more aware of your own physical bodydiscover what your body is trying to tell you, often through painrelease energy that is trapped in physical interventions including organ removal and even amputationslearn how your language, spoken or internal, can help the healing processrehearse wellness using the skills pioreered by atheletes. You will find the double CD here.