This is the new home for Empowering Being

This page will be a positive page devoted to what everyone can do to improve their experience of Covid-19 and that of those they love. Still under construction and lets make a start:

  1. Nose Breathing
    Supporting Patrick McKown’s vast experience of nose/diaphragmatic breathing.
  2. The power of your immune system.
    Reframing Covid-19
  3. Art Giser’s weekly Facebook live (Thursday evening at 8pm UK time on Energetic NLP), here are some examples
    Energy Healing to enhance your immune system
  4. In you are interested in what is happening to the world’s energy, do listen to:
    Lynne McTaggart’s Intention calls about healing the world
    Lee Harris’s insights
  5. Understanding Gounding, Atoms & Energy Frequency. A very short video