Do you think your child maybe Dyslexic

But they are too young for a diagnosis. They seem to be getting really confused by words, and you keep being to they are just learning differently and wait and see what happens. The key time for this is often 3-6 years old.

There is one important question to ask, are they visualising words? It is a skill that few schools teach and it is vital for word recognition in the english language. The younger you learn the skill the better.

After 22 years of experience enabling children to use their visual talents to improve literacy, we have now developed the steps to ensure that children can grow up visualising easily, and developing the skills to visualise words, without any pressure to get the right answer.

Join us for a ground breaking free 60mins coaching session and learn how to encourage your very young children how to avoid dropping into Dyslexia. Wednesday 24th August 8pm UK time.

Register here. I look forward to meeting you.

My name is Olive Hickmott; I would be pleased to support you in any way I can.
You are welcome to contact me
Here you will find my learning platform for some of my training programmes
You will find other useful information and Practitioner Training at
Here is my YouTube channel for more free resources:
My latest books are:
The Elephants in the Classroom: using every student’s natural power of Mental Imagery to enhance learning: Neurodiversity through the lens of mental Imagery.
Bridges to Success – How to transform Learning Difficulties
Recover Your energy– this book will energise you
You too can do health 

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About olivehickmott

I am a Forensic Learning coach, showing people how they can improve their own learning and change their health. Working with creative neurodivergent students is a joy, as they learn new skills to overcome many of their learning challenges.
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