Flipping Dyslexia 101: The Lost Art of Picturing Words

People who are good at literacy picture words in their mind’s eye. So why aren’t we teaching this simple skill in school?

Back in the day we communicated via pictures that were drawn on walls. Eventually letter and words were added for great clarity. At this time we could no doubt recognize words. But life moved on and we made it more complicated, especially in the English language, where there is a big gap between what we say and what we write – a deep orthographic depth. The are words that obey rules, words that break the rules, silent letters and those crazy homophones (2 words that sound the same but have totally different meanings and spellings). My favorite is ate and eight. And a child’s expected progress in school was accelerated and put under more pressure.

Somehow many never grasped the idea of being able to picture words and left many, including me, with a learning difficulty, that is caused Dyslexia now. It is never too late to learn the skill and I am teaching the fastest way on earth to learn.

I challenge you to prove me wrong: You can learn to improve your literacy in just 30 mins. Join my zoom call on Wednesday 6th October at 8:00pm. Register here:

My name is Olive Hickmott; I would be pleased to support you in any way I can.
You are welcome to contact me olive@empoweringlearning.co.uk
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My latest books are:
The Elephants in the Classroom: using every student’s natural power of mental Imagery to enhance learning: Neurodiversity through the lens of mental Imagery.
Bridges to Success – How to transform Learning Difficulties
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About olivehickmott

I am a Forensic Learning coach, showing people how they can improve their own learning and change their health. Working with creative neurodivergent students is a joy, as they learn new skills to overcome many of their learning challenges.
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