New Perspectives on ADHD

ADHD backwards

Empowering Learning launches a new initiative with Penny Perry and Olive Hickmott – A blended learning programme to help you take new perspectives on ADHD. Our objective is to give parents and teachers some simple new perspectives, ideas that they can offer to students and monitor progress.  Our major focus is to reduce anxiety, focus on strengths, help students to effectively use mental imagery to supercharge their learning, for literacy, numeracy, concentration and all aspects of thinking and learning. The short programme contains:

  • 4 short online teleseminars
  • A dedicated private Facebook page with additional resources
  • The Facebook page allowing people to exchange ideas, ask questions and report back on progress.
  • On-going support.

This new mini-series still has 3 live sessions to go: March 5th, March 19th, April 2nd – they are free online with a small charge for recordings, booked before April 15th. Please tell your friends, to sign up here for the live sessions. If you have missed one or more you can sign up for all the recordings here.

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About olivehickmott

I am a Forensic Learning coach, specialising in showing people how they can create their own health and learning
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