Where has all my energy gone?

Are you searching for increased energy and restored vitality: whether you have occasional exhaustion or have been running on empty for some time and have developed major fatigue.  We’ve all of course experienced those feelings of extreme fatigue, for example, flu-ridden we can’t even muster up enough energy to reach for a glass of water. With extreme fatigue, this is an ongoing feeling, the consistency of which saps you even further.  Here are a couple of real live example:

The parent’s challenge: Working with families who have a child with learning differences, parents so often say they are exhausted with all the challenges and frustrations they face on a daily basis, that seem never-ending.

  • Trying to help a child when they are learning differently to both you, as a parent, and the average child in their class can be an enormous heartache and source of frustration for parents and teachers alike.
  • Focus on what they can do, not what they are finding very difficult to almost impossible. Employ very specific praise for things they get right, for example, concentration, kindness, organisation, etc.  Make their successes very clear to them so they can multiply.
  • Stay grounded and calm to enable your children to feel safe, keeping your energy out of their space. Teach them the same skills.
  • Teach your children simple skills for releasing anxiety.
  • Teach your children how to stay grounded and protect themselves from other people’s anxiety.
  • Believe that teachers are doing the best they can with the resources they have.

The patient’s challenge: I am very sensitive to energy and today here I am having daily radiotherapy treatments and I am learning just how much you can control your own energy, in any environment. Some days I am good, other days I am exhausted before I even get to the exit; so what is the difference that makes the difference and what do I need to do on a regular basis.

  • Before I get even to the car park, I imagine a large magnet under the hospital, draining out all the energy from previous patients, their anxieties and previous energy left over from the radiotherapy equipment. I imagine beautiful indigo energy clearing out every corner of the hospital and releasing down to the magnet.
  • Before I go in I need to remind myself that I am the sovereign of my own energy field and don’t need to accept energies that are not good for me.
  • I need to stay grounded in my own space and add grounding rods to intercept other people’s energy.
  • I should avoid the additional stress of feeling empathetic towards other patients. I don’t want to pick up their energy, that may exhaust me, especially if they are having similar treatment. I need to focus on me for once in my life.
  • I ground the waiting area and the treatment room to reduce everyone’s anxiety, clear out previous energies and help the staff to do their jobs as effectively as possible, in the midst of all this electronic equipment. I keep out of any confusion or frustration that happens in the waiting room. I trust the staff to be their best.
  • During my treatment, I relax, breath in and out through my nose and into my belly, to maximise oxygenation. I think about walking in a wood of tall grounded trees.
  • I leave the hospital’s energy behind as I walk out with the double sliding doors closing behind me and I clear my energy before getting into the car.
  • I have a large drink of herb tea and a snack in the car for when I leave the hospital; my special treat to look forward to.

I originally wrote Recover your Energy with Chronic Fatigue in mind, but repetitive exhaustion may well end up manifesting extreme fatigue.

Here are a couple of extracts from Recover your Energy.  The full book is available here or on Kindle from Amazon. If you are too tired to read we have a full audio version or an audio of just the exercise plus the book.

“It’s puzzling, isn’t it?  With so much energy throughout nature, how can anyone possibly feel fatigued? Why is fatigue a daily experience for millions of people?  Why for many of them is it the dominant experience of their lives?”[1]

THIS BOOK WILL ENERGISE YOU.  You’ll learn about your own personal energy system and how by “setting it to wellness” you can have all the energy you want. You’ll learn, through a simple tale how to tap into the amazing power of your mind with energy enhanced NLP (EnergeticNLP); recognise how your thoughts negatively or positively affect your energy and develop skills that will gain you optimum health, wellness and vitality.

Storytellers through the ages and psychologists more recently, are in agreement that stories have direct access to the healing part of the mind.  In escaping into a simple story your mind and body can pick up the messages they need and you’ll have started that trip back to wellness.

Journeying through this book will enable you to mobilise your own internal team to recover your energy effectively. I use a light-hearted approach but with a complete awareness of the profound emotional, physical and energetic manifestations we are dealing with.

We’ve all met uncomfortably negative people in our time. Those who unload a bucketful of woes and leave you feeling completely drained –  the result of picking up a large dose of their negative energy.  And then there are those who trigger intense emotion in you, maybe anger, guilt or frustration which means you’re then flooding your system with your own stored up negative energy.  All of this negativity blows your fuses leaving you empty and tired.

This afternoon, Maryuma Bader sent me this mail:  “Thank you for your fabulous book “recover your energy”.  I wrote a poem in response I thought I’d share with you:

And with regret
I have to tell you
That while some call it a lack of self respect
It’s actually a sign of self neglect
I’m sorry to my body
That I’ve ignored your needs
And your messages
I’m sorry that I kept you trapped and wasn’t listening
And now I can imagine a bright gold ball above my head
Filling my body
And filling you whose listening
There’s a chord between the earth and your spine
An extension of the spinal cord
It keeps us grounded
And it lets energy in, I finally found it
My body fills with energy
Every time I’m tired I just haven’t touched the earth
I haven’t grounded my self
I’m not all over the place anymore
I’m aligned
And I used to be a junior doctor
But I resigned
I am not competitive I’ve never been that way inclined
If I ever get my music out there
I don’t mind if I never get signed
As long as I can use my imagination to picture things
And sign them at the bottom
I remember this year 2018 you could say I hit rock bottom
Sponge Bob I was absorbing everyone’s bad energies for years
and I was looking for clarity
And the universe led me to the right people and the right books
And I started to think about all the unauthentic choices I took
If I could say all of this in one go I wouldn’t need a hook
I want others to heal
I know how life can be an ordeal
And you might think you got the poor end of the deal
But imagine you have so much potential
Don’t listen to what your parents said
They never meant to
Put your dreams down
They were just telling you because they thought they had it all down
But really they were messed up and misaligned
But when they say pull yourself together
What they really mean is align yourself
Because they never managed
And this might sound savage
But your parents could learn a lot from you
And if you imagine a picture
Then introduce them to the view
And they might start to believe you
But it’s important that you believe you
Because for so long I let their words chain me
And I had all their stressors in my body
I let them physically inflict pain on me
And this is still the same me
But I’m gonna listen to the voices in me
I’m gonna start writing down my dreams
And listen to what myself is telling me
And stop listening to all the consumer dreams Instagram is selling me
And not let my manager at work yell at me
And it’s time to be more assertive
It’s time to pull back the curtain
And put into practice all the things I’ve been learning
It’s cliche
But at the end of the day
When people say love yourself
They use it so flippantly
But me not loving myself is what crippled me
Listen to me
You might not be able to see gravity
Or the wind but it’s there
So believe in energy because it flows where thought goes
And whatever you put your attention on grows
And you’ll be screaming with my woes
Till it’s just you with your woes
And you have to pick yourself up
This is now your time

Please feel free to share”


[1] Deepak Chopra, Boundless Energy, Page 2

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I am a Forensic Learning coach, showing people how they can improve their own learning and change their health. Working with creative neurodivergent students is a joy, as they learn new skills to overcome many of their learning challenges.
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