Art Giser’s latest event today

How To Be Guided And Supported By Your Inner Wisdom and Spirit.

We received such wonderful feedback from the first presentation, and many requests to repeat it, so Art is leading it again live on Wednesday 8th November 2017


Here are just a few of the comments we received after the first program:

Hi Art, I owe you a massive thanks and gratitude as your workshop enabled me today to release grief, hurt & voicing lack of understanding of a man who died a long time ago , whom I was in love with. I didn’t realise I hadn’t fully processed this .

I’m so interested in spiritual contracts and just feeling my way with universe, law of attraction.

Thank you Art very much for the call….I am very, very grateful!

Thank you for today’s Energetic NLP session. I am writing to plead with you to put the replay online. I sure would love to repeat it in a few days! It was amazing!


Many wonderful people who have worked on their personal development feel, that in spite of all their efforts, they’re not realizing their full potential.

You may be dissatisfied with certain aspects of you life: relationships, health, career, business, or abundance.

Or everything my be fine, and yet you feel (you know!) that so much more is possible for you! You feel that you are so much more than you have manifested in your life. So no matter how “good” or challenging your life is at the moment, you know that you are not manifesting your full potential.

You may feel you are on this earth for some purpose, but you get confused by shoulds and “what’s possible” and either can’t get a handle on what your mission is or don’t know what to do about it.”

We will cover:

  • What Your Miraculous Self Is, and how it can guide and support you in your life
  • Whole Being Permission — The secret to why some areas of your life work well for you, and other areas are disappointing or frustrating.
  • How to live a more authentic, meaningful, and profoundly satisfying life
  • You will be guided through an easy, transformative Energetic NLP™ Process to end or revise spiritual contracts that limit your happiness, success, relationships, and health. Even if you have worked with spiritual contracts before, you will find this process to be unique in its benefits
  • Your inner wisdom and spirit will then replace those contracts with guidance and support from your inner wisdom and spirit.

The program is free and will take about 75 minutes

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

6:30 PM Pacific Time (Los Angeles)
There will be a replay on Nov 9 for people in Europe and Asia (if you are registered)

75 minutes

For your local time

All the information is on this webpage

click here

Be sure to bookmark the page so that you can get back to it!

You will receive a personal, transformative remote energy session during the webinar.

Please share this email and invite other people who will benefit from this session!! And you can use the Facebook and Twitter links below. Just click on their icon.


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