#Great Spatial Awareness and #Dyslexia or #ADHD

spatialDo you have the ability to turn 2D images into 3D images in your mind’s eye?

For example when looking at an ordnance survey map, which is flat, can you turn the 2D contour lines into 3D images of mountains and hills?  Some #Dyslexic or #ADHD, in fact many with #Neurodivergent thinking and learning patterns have this great skill; just one of the skills shared by #madebydyslexia.

Do you have the skill when proofreading something, that the incorrect words jump out of the 2D paper into a 3D picture of the word in error?

Can you look at a house and imagine you can cut it open a bit like a dolls house and look at all the rooms inside.

These are great spatial skills for all sorts of applications. But, if you are struggling with reading, and you get every word on the page jumping out – it’s a nightmare version of this skill. If you want to know how to select 2D or 3D as you wish, do contact olive@empoweringlearning.co.uk.

#empoweringlearning #visualkids #dyslexia #adhd






About olivehickmott

I am a Forensic Learning coach, specialising in showing people how they can create their own health and learning
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