There are 3 things you can do with Dyslexia


You can give up on your child, notice they have a disability and maybe that it is shared with other family members and expect them to fail – nobody wants to see their child fail.

You can keep repeating the same old things time and again – they will be bored, you will be bored and as a child said to me recently “I have to read the same sentence about 10 times until I stand a chance of understanding it, a new word takes about 2 weeks to remember”. Its like pushing a large bolder up a hill and sometimes it even roles back again. Often parents spend much time battling the school for additional help but even if this is forthcoming, they may not get the results they want – a happy child who is eager to learn, enjoying literacy and numeracy. no-problem-studying-dec15_colour

You can empower yourself and learn a different way to teach your children. You will probably have noticed that they have some great strengths for imagination, creativity, construction (like building lego), games such as mindcraft, long term memory, etc. These are all done through their strengths of having good mental images, that are those picture you hold in your brain and find it easy to recall.  Once you start acknowledging these strengths and start building on them,  literacy and numeracy becomes easier and more enjoyable.

So which one would you prefer to spend your energy doing?  Parents on our current Jumpstarting Literacy and Numeracy programme, that is delivered on-line, across the world, are reporting comments like “my son suddenly started reading road signs and menus!”, “her anxiety has just faded away and she isn’t trying every diversionary tactic before starting homework, she just goes and gets her books and sits down ready to start”, and one little 6 year old said “this is so easy isn’t it cheating?”

Empowering yourself to truly understand why your very talented child is finding so many challenges, how you can help them quickly and what schools need to know about visual students, puts you in a much more powerful place. Learning the skills yourself, is about the same price as a weeks tuition for your child, but has lasting effects for the whole family, with no need for weekly tuition bills.

Our next programme starts on November 14th.  In just 7 x 1.5 hour sessions you can learn all the skills you need to help your child build on their strengths not just for spelling or reading but for a whole host of academic skills – handwriting, concentration, comprehension, summarising, maths, times tables etc.

For more details look at or call Olive Hickmott, Founder of Empowering Learning on +44-(0)7970-854388 or

Or Sara Haboubi, Joint developer of the programme and as seen recently on TV3 in Ireland,
+353 (0) 860-775452

Watch a short video from Sara at:


About olivehickmott

I am a Forensic Learning coach, showing people how they can improve their own learning and change their health. Working with creative neurodivergent students is a joy, as they learn new skills to overcome many of their learning challenges.
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