Stevenage: Does your child have  a Ferrari brain?

Herts Health and Wholeness festival, October 4th, Stevenage

Your SplD kids are very talented – how to convince others
Almost every child with SplD has an exceptionally fast brain, a bit like a Ferrari. Parents and teachers are trying to teach them using techniques that are out of date for our current high speed world.  Imagine trying to drive a Ferrari having been taught to drive a bicycle.  Dangerous, out of control and exhausting.
All these Ferrari brains need is some simple skills they will find easy, that match the way they learn and assist them to become really exceptional in everything they want to do. It is about keying into their strengths, how they learn and offering them the best strategies for their Ferrari brains.
If your child has any learning differences, difficulties or challenges engaging with education, do come along and meet me, Olive Hickmott.  We also have an Empowering Learning  stand where I am offering free mini consultations.
I look forward to seeing you,
Olive Hickmott

About olivehickmott

I am a Forensic Learning coach, showing people how they can improve their own learning and change their health. Working with creative neurodivergent students is a joy, as they learn new skills to overcome many of their learning challenges.
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