Rwanda leads the way to Forgiveness

From my friend and colleague Louise Trevatt

I’m sending this to you by way of an introduction to the book ‘Forgiven’ By Louise Trevatt and Elizabeth Wilson

Certain parts of this world that we inhabit are currently experiencing great trauma and I believe that the world should be listening to the lessons of conflict and genocide.  Rwanda is a country where people are living with the aftermath of ethnic cleansing, a place were forgiveness takes place everyday. 

Chapter 1  is my personal introduction to the story of Bishop Samuel.  The book will tell of how he survived the Genocide and along with his wife Rachel, forgave the people who took his family, his home and his livelihood away from him.

Bishop Samuel lives in Rwanda and works tirelessly for Peace, Healing, Reconcilation and Forgiveness amongst his people.

Here’s are the first few paragraphs of the chapter and a link to Chapter 1 is below, subsequent chapters will follow each month.


A story of one man and his wife and how they together found forgiveness for those who tore them from their home and family in the Rwandan Genocide of 1994.

Chapter 1

The storm clouds gather quickly in Rwanda, the winds and torrential rains arrive, wreak their devastation and leave.  What is left behind requires human endeavour to right.  We gather our skills, our will and focus on repairing the damage.

In the same way, the 1994 Genocide gathered quickly.  Within 15 minutes of the president’s plane being shot out of the skies in Kigali, road blocks had been set up around the country. Road blocks that favoured Hutus.  Roadblocks that saw Tutsis hacked to death by the weapon of choice, the utilitarian farming implement owned by almost every household in the land.  The Machete

These machetes, wielded by those who were seduced by the prospect of power, political and material gain, poured their devastation on Tutsi flesh and blood.  The flesh and blood of men, women, children, infants and babies.  No-one was to be saved from the murderous actions of those who served as political pawns in the game known as ethnic cleansing.

Here is the link to the full piece.

Live your life with inspiration.

Louise x

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