Allergies, food intolerances and multiple chemical sensitivities

All of these symptoms are often associated with ME and Chronic fatigue.  This is ME awareness week and I would like anyone with these symptoms aware that there are simple skills you can learn to change many of these symptoms.  All you need is a few how to’s.

The New Perspectives way of looking at food intolerances and allergies is that:

  • it is an abnormal response to food, drink, drugs or something in the environment, that does not cause a reaction in others and may not have caused a reaction in that same person in the past.
  • The physical and emotional symptoms create a chain reaction that is normally associated with fear or personal safety, and is outside of your conscious control.  It is like pressing the emergency button! People will experience the very common fight, flight or freeze symptoms of palpitations, perspiration, red face, itching and many more
  • People are not normally born with these responses, although they may develop reactions at a very young age
  • People think of it as being a trauma or fobia of the immune system, with the immune system basically “throwing a fit”

Our bodies are always trying to protect us. Sometimes they get confused and think things are dangerous when in fact they are not.  Misguided by this mistake, an overreaction of the immune system happens and the person gets an inflammatory reaction when things are in fact safe.  The symptoms we get are the result of that inflammation that has been likened to a post traumatic stress disorder on a cellular level. The body is so afraid it is saying to the substance I will kill you before you kill me.  We need to make sure the body feels safe in response to this substance.

To detect what you are reacting to you can muscle test, where you see how weak someones’ muscles go when in contact with a substance and test how ungrounded they are, by giving them a slight push (don’t forget to be prepared to catch them) and see how wobbly they are.     Being ungrounded and muscle testing are invaluable tools for testing what someone is intolerant to, especially as it maybe very very specific – for example they may be able to tolerate goats cheese but not cheese made from cow’s milk.  So a simple muscle or wobbly test can even be done in the supermarket!  Once you know exactly what you are reacting to, you have various options to clear it or simply avoid it.

When someone has one of these reactions they are accessing energy from a past incident and in some cases many past events.  You can change your reaction by reducating your energy system through a few simple guided stories – the best way to talk with your subconscious.  Read some of the stories of what others have achieved and order your own CD, for just £10, special offer and post free.  You won’t know what you can do until you try for yourself.

About olivehickmott

I am a Forensic Learning coach, showing people how they can improve their own learning and change their health. Working with creative neurodivergent students is a joy, as they learn new skills to overcome many of their learning challenges.
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