ME Awareness week – you can make immediate changes

This is ME awareness week.  To all those thousands of people who have diagnosed ME, CFS or just feel exhausted – there is much you can do when you understand more about how your energy system works and how to change it through the power of your mind.

Energy runs through every cell of your body and is effected by many things, that we all know about – what you eat, your environment, your emotions, the people you meet and the way you react to certain experiences.  You can take control over these effects by learning some simple “how to’s”.

Take a look at the bigger picture – what is going on here.  Consciously you want to have the energy to do the things you want, but your subconscious may be running quite a different programme – perhaps wanting a break from your busy life, feeling its all too much, wanting time off, etc.  None of these are bad they are just not aligned and are in conflict.  Getting every part of you to want exactly the same thing is one of the secrets to wellness.  You can’t give your subconscious a “good talking to” this isn’t the way it learns.  If for example you keep telling yourself “not to be tired”, you are actually giving the message “be tired” as your subconscious does’t do negatives.

So you need to understand how to talk to your subconscious and then you can start changing things.  Recover your energy, is written as a healing story, full of metaphors, stories that will appeal to very young parts of you and positive expressions your subconscious will get just reading the book.

As it says on the cover, this book will energise you.  If you need more help we can offer that too, and the book may be all you need to set you off in the right direction.  If you are too tired to read we have a talking book too. Just put it on the CD player and even whilst you are asleep your subconscious will start to get the messages you want to recover your energy.

And see the article in the Corporate Wellness Magazine
Is work just getting you down? Are you drained and exhausted? How can you revitalise yourself?

And a recent comment from Adam “THIS BOOK WILL ENERGISE YOU

It did!!!

It seems almost unbelievable that only two weeks ago I was doubtful whether I would ever be able to shake off my persistent experience of fatigue. After reading some of the polarized reviews on your book on I decided that given the choice I would rather be in the position of one of the people writing a Five Star review. Accordingly I decided to purchase the book and to read it with an open mind.

I have been using the visualizations for just over a week now and the results have been astounding. You have given me back my life!

It just seems so incredible. And yet at the same time it is very easy to take this for granted, as I am now getting on with the many things that I need to do.

Still, I don’t want to take it for granted as your book has been instrumental in dramatically increasing my quality of life and this needs to be recognised and acknowledged.


About olivehickmott

I am a Forensic Learning coach, showing people how they can improve their own learning and change their health. Working with creative neurodivergent students is a joy, as they learn new skills to overcome many of their learning challenges.
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4 Responses to ME Awareness week – you can make immediate changes

  1. Given that new research has found definitive evidence via post mortems that M.E is a neurological condition caused by infection in the root ganglia of the brain and spinal cord how would working with the subconscious help? Granted clear old behavioural patterns but if the basis is neurological how far do you feel your techniques can go? Please note I refer to M.E and not CFS

    many thanks

  2. Thanks for your response Dannie. Research is great and I carry out research too but I believe everyone’s experience is unique. Offering them how to get a greater understanding of their own current experience, gives them choice. I teach people new skills about improving their own energy flow in minutes and when you see what some people can achieve, you want to offer these skills to others, for them to play with and see what they can achieve. My work is not about fixing people and conflict over which is the best way, it is about empowering people with the skills they need.

    For example one of the skills I teach is to help people become more grounded and have access to the energies from the earth and our environment all around us. Going in the sea, or sitting by a delightful plunge pool in Marrakesh, where i am for a few days are both very grounding. In my experience, It is so useful for people with ME to be able to re-create that experience at will in seconds and realign their energy system. Once people can experience this for themselves, they will be the ones to decide the value, for themsmelves.

  3. Olive hickmott says:

    A present for ME awareness day . Start to solve the mystery of your ME or CFS.
    First process to release unwanted energy included; you only need to read a simple story to start recopvering your energy.

  4. Eileen says:

    Hi Olive

    I think its fantastic you are trying to help sufferes with M.E. but I have to agree with Dannielle, there is a huge difference between m.e. and actual chronic fatigue…especially here in the UK, where most GP’s do not use the canadian clinic definition of defining M.E.

    Although exhaustion is the most disabling symptom of M.E. worldwide research does now demonstrate it is a multifaceted illness ..neurological problems and mitochondria abnormalities are just a small piece of the picture


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